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What is disease?

"Disease" happens over time by the build up of acids and waste and mucos that accumulate in  your body. To actually heal, it must be cleansed (detoxified) and regenerated (rebuilt) through a combination of diet, herbal protocol (tinctures and/or capsules and teas) and often emotional healing and stress reduction. The pathways of elimination must be opened to allow the toxins from your body to be removed. This includes your bowel, your kidneys (most peoples do not filter properly)  and your skin.

So how does disease manifest?

Over time our bodies get overloaded with processed foods, toxins (environmental/food) and emotional stress. The body gets clogged up and has a hard time processing things normally. The kidneys struggle and most people's kidneys stop filtering out the waste from our cells (the lymph fluid that flows in between all our cells, and the sewer system of our body) so this acidic waste backs up and becomes stagnant around the cell and inflammation begins. The lymph fluid starts to thicken and become sludge-like and toxic wastes become even harder to remove. Diseases such as cancer, heart disease or arthritis and 'auto-immune" (to name just a few of the thousands that Doctors diagnose) start to set in as the acids in the lymph fluid start damaging cells, and the acid waste inside the cells can no longer be elimated as there is nowhere for it to go and the cell becomes damaged from the inside.

Any 'disease' is a sign of an over acidic body where toxins are trapped and starting coagulate and do damage to weakened (often genetically) areas. Once you understand how 'disease' is caused you will know the importance of removing these causes and bringing your body back to a state of wellness.

If you suffer from any of the following you can benefit from an individualsed detoxification and regeneration program:

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • cancers
  • heart disease
  • neurological conditions
  • auto immune diseases incl. fibromyalgia and lymes
  • weight issues and the inabililty to lose weight
  • irritable bowel syndrome and gut disorders
  • depression and anxiety
  • bloating and heartburn
  • constipation
  • skin diseases
  • and so much more

Diet during and after your detox

Each person is unique so your detox and regeneration is too. We recommend at least a 12 - 14 week detox and regeneration to make healthful changes at a cellular level. The diet for your detox program will depends on your current level of health. ie. someone who has been dignosed with cancer would not do the same detox level as someone who presents with high blood pressure.

Your 'diet' will be tailored for you, however to heal on a cellular level you will need to  remove all dairy, grains and meats from your diet for the period of detoxification, as these cause inflammation and acidosis in  your body - the very thing we are aiming to remove. Depending on current level of health you may be able to transition to a plant based diet over the period of a few weeks to allow your body to adjust.

Once you are on a detox program your diet can be amended to slow or fasten the detox as required.

Detox Symptoms

As you detoxify your body, you may experience 'detox symptoms', such as colds and flu symptoms, aches and pains. You may also detox on an emotional level as you reach the deeper detox levels. This can be managed by pulling back on the detox slightly for a while, then increasing again as each detox symptom (or crisis) passes. This is why detoxification is known as both an art and a science, and the assistance of a specialist is recommended.



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