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Iridology readings can be done via email  or in our clinic. A full report will be returned to you once you send clear close up photographs of both irises and payment is received. Cost of Iridology reading alone, via email (ie.  no herbal protocol written) is $50. Please contact us to advise where to send your photos to.

What is Iridology?

Iridology is a scientific study of the iris of the eye. There are appro 24000 nerve fibres that connect the iris to the brain and the different areas of the body are reflected in specific locations mapped out on the iris. There are no two irises alike - each is as unique as a fingerprint. Reading the colours and patterns of he iris fibres gives insights into underlying (often genetic) weaknesses and can be used to uncover individual pre-dispositions. Whether health issues arise from these weaknesses is dependant on what eat, drink and put on your body, as well as the way you think, live and love.

Iridology is not a tool to diagnose disease. It is a simple and unintrusive way to look inside the body and can be used as an early warning system for weakesses - and also a gauge for healing and signs of health.

After Iridology photos are taken we will look at weakened areas in your body and discuss ways to strengthen these using diet and herbal protocols.





What Iridology can and cannot do

Iridology cannot diagnose disease

Iridology can:

Assist us with the detoxification process as it highlights any areas of weakness that may not yet be showing as symptomatic however is something we may be working against. It assists us to clarify weaknesses identified by your health questionnaire.

Identify inherited predispositions. No one is born without any weaknesses, that are passed down through generations. We are all born with different strengths and weaknesses. The body will always manifest illness in its weakest areas first. By gaining insight into your own inherent weaknesses you can work with your body to start to heal and regenerate strong healthy cells.

Show current conditions - ie. exactly where your body is experiencing inflammation or an abnormal condition and the different levels of build up of lymph (therefore toxicity) in the body.

In iridology we always look at the body as a whole, taking into account that a problem with organ or gland can affect EVERY other organ in the body. Looking in the eye we can see all the body systems at once. After the Iridology assessment you will have a better understanding of your body and health and feel empowered and motivated for positive change.

Lymphatic System

What is the Lymphatic System?

There are only two cellular fluid systems involved in the functioning of each one of our 100 trillion body cells: 1) blood - which supplies the "fuel" (ie feeds our cells from our food; and 2) The lymphatic system. This the sewer system of our bodies.This makes up 75% of four bodily fluid - the blood makes up the other 25%.  The  'Lymphatic' fluid is intended to carry away the waste and byproducts of cellular respiration and combustion, and energy production. It travels between all our cells and is called interstitial fluid.

At least, that's the way it's suppose to work.

Unfortunately, most of us are eating foods which produce an acid pH 24 hours a day, year in and year out. Meats, most grains, starches, and simple carbohydrates (bread, cake, cookies, and cokes), for example, produce an acid pH. This acid bath "burns" and irritates the cell walls of all classes of cellular tissue, including nerves, myelin nerve sheathing, muscles, organ tissue, glandular tissue, etc. Gradually, this continual acidic irritation of cell walls leads to a lowering of cellular efficiency. Over time, this gives way to a degenerative dysfunction of the cell, and that, in turn, leads us into degenerative "disease" conditions (where, in later stages, lymph waste will pass through the deteriorated cell walls and enter into the interior of the cell itself). Equally important, when the lymph system is unable to remove interstitial lymph waste, its presence greatly amplifies the degeneration of cell function by "backing up" the waste sewer line, and that in turn, eventually expresses itself as degenerative diseases with various names from cancer to arthritis.

The kidneys and the skin are the primary organs used by the body to remove lymphatic waste (we will discuss later in this article what has to be done to get the kidneys and the skin to release lymph waste).Lymph is intended to carry away waste byproducts of cellular respiration and energy production.

The kidneys and the skin are the primary organs used by the body to remove lymphatic waste. Imagine if your home sewer system got blocked from putting the wrong things in it, and you never cleared it out so the waste accumulated. Eventually, the waste would back up  and, in time, you couldn't even flush the toilet, because the waste would have no where to go. That's exactly what happens when your lymph system stops removing toxic cellular waste that is discharged by the cell. Lymph waste is itself acidic. (Think of the acid burn from a baby's nappy when left on for too long!). When lymph waste cannot exit your body via the kidneys (urine) or skin, it just sits there and accumulates in the interstitial fluid surrounding the cell, adding to the toxic irritation of the cell walls coming from the acidic pH produced by acid-forming foods. When lymph waste is removed properly by the kidneys, the urine will have sediment (lymph waste) in it. This is desirable and should be normal, but most people, along with medical doctors, think that clear urine, free of sediment, is "normal" because most people in developed countries have backed up lymph systems and do not even know it.

You need to get your kidneys filtering to and move this lymphatic waste out of your body so that healing and the path to wellness can begin. For this reason the kidneys and lymphatic system are worked on continually throughout your detoxification program and should become a way of life.


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