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What does it mean to Detox and Regenerate?

Detoxification is not a diet, nor is it a lifestyle program. It is a systematic process, identifying and addressing the root cause of dis-ease and sickness through the application of appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes and botanical herbs.

Each person is unique so your detox and regeneration is too. We recommend at least a 12 - 14 week detox and regeneration to make healthful changes at a cellular level. Your program intensity depends on your current level of health. ie. someone who has been dignosed with cancer would not do the same detox level as someone who feels bloated or constipated.

We have Certified Detoxification practitioners on our staff, who can assist you on your healing journey. Our practitioners have been trained by Dr Robert Morse, USA in herbal detoxification and regeneration protocols.

Initial  Appointment - what to expect

At your initial appointment you will complete your health questionnaire if you have not already done so (prior completion and emailed to office is recommended). Iridology photos will be taken and explained. A more detailed report will be emailed to you at a later time. Health questionnaire will be assessed and discussed, along with diet and detoxification requirements. An individualised herbal and diet protocol will be written up for each client and options discussed based on your own individual requirements and goals.

Please allow at least one hour for your initial consultation.

How Long Will This Take?

How long does the detoxification process take?

This depends very much on your current level of wellness and also the amount and intensity of genetic weaknesses you have. In most cases, you will start to notice at least some positive changes within a couple of weeks.  The ideal length of time for a proper detox and to start to regenerate your body is 14 weeks, but this can vary greatly from person to person. Detox and regeneration is  very personalised program is completed to ensure it meets your own body's needs. Someone with cancer or an 'auto-immune disease' will have a much different program to someone who is detoxing with no identified health issues but just want to 'feel better'. For some, the 14 week program will be enough on herbs and with a proper 'diet' of mainly raw foods can continue to detox and on their jourey to wellness. For others, it may require a longer and more strict diet and herbal protocol. This will be discussed at your initial consultation.

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