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Sunday, July 19 2015

Our ancestors lived on  simple diet of unprocessed foods such as fish, meat, eggs and fat, together with vegetables, seeds, herbs and berries. Carbohydrates were eaten in moderation, as there was no mass production of seeds or grasses - gathering these was a long process.

Sugar was in the form of honey and ripe fruits, but both of these were in irregular supply and food had to be hunted or collected and often in short supply. People ate what they needed, not more.

Over the years we have extensively modified our natural eating patterns by introducing highly processed foods and substituting these for the natural, real foods. More and more foods are processed and modified to tke on the appeal of what once were treat foods. Raw materials such as flour, sugr and starches are cheap to produce and plentiful and are easily made more appealing and flavoursome - normally with the addition of sugar, salt or chemicals. They give you a quick energy hit - and are highly addictive. The more you eat of them, the more you want. Our supermarkets and corner stores are full of highy processed carbohydrates. Cereal, pasta, breads, pastries, biscuits and snacks, confectionary, soft drinks - they are all brightly packaged and very cleverly marketed, and most can be served with minimal preparation.

By eating more of these foods we have corrupted our natural appetiites. If our diets consist of these highly refined foods then anything we eat without added sweetners or salt becomes bland or flavourless to our tastebuds. And of course, the heavier we get, the less exercise we feel inclined to do. We feel sluggish and lethargic. We often turn to another 'hit' of refined sugars to help us just get through the afternoon.

For weight management and fat burning, we need to eat REAL foods - no these highly processed packages of sugar and chemicals and starches. The Ultra-Lite Weight Management program is just that - Not highly processed, no added preservatives, no artificial colourings or flavourings, no added salt, no added refined sugars and no stimulants. Real food for Real fat burning, weight loss and health.

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Sunday, July 19 2015

Obesity has become an epidemic in many countries, including Australia. The Western world has adopted an unhealthy approach to eating with little attention to the amount that we eat, or often what we eat, as we hypnotically stare at entertainment throughout our meals; neglecting meaningful interaction with others.  Weight loss is estimated to be a $40 billion industry, and many big chain weight loss companies would be most unhappy if people really did lose weight. If their diet plans worked, then we would surely have a population of fit, healthy, and slim people. The industry would be self-terminating. It would have served its purpose. Instead, we have two and six week diet plans that help customers to lose a tiny amount of weight (usually less than 10 pounds) to soon regain it with even more.

The great irony of weight loss is that we are overweight because we are starving for nutrition. We are deficient of magnesium, the B vitamins, Vitamin D, and almost every trace mineral, due to our synthetic fertilizers having depleted the soils and our chemically "enhanced" foods. Our foods are so nutritionally deficient that the more we eat, the hungrier that we tend to become, because our bodies must exert ever-increasing work to make use of the empty calories. .

Mental and Emotional  Barriers

Many of our failures throughout life are due our own internal self-sabotaging tendencies. For instance, many people remain overweight because they have such a low self esteem that they unconsciously feel unworthy of looking better.  Learning to respect and love oneself is usually the first step before other successful steps can be taken. Letting go of a lifetime of pain and rejections, as well as forgiving youself and others can be the first step to overcoming your weight loss obstacles, which often are not only diet related, but mindset driven.

Some of us were taught as children that food is a comfort to life's tough problems, and this training still resonates unconsciously through us into adulthood. Some of us were taught that food is something that we should reward ourselves with whenever we have accomplished a goal, as is the case with celebration dinners and birthday parties. Food is our sustenance, and we bear massive psychological problems whenever we perceive food as either a punishment or a reward. Unfortunately, almost all of us have fallen into these traps, and it happens purely unconsciously.

Winning the victory over your own mind is the most important step to success. For it is certain that you will fail, if you already believe that you will. Your issues and beliefs determine your future reality, because you will unconsciously transform them into self-fulfilling prophesies. You will unconsciously work to prove your pessimisms right without ever realizing that it was you causing the problems -- that your failures were caused by a long chain of self-sabotaging actions.

For these reasons, we recommend that people with weight loss  problems, or those who know they self-sabotage,  first see a hypnotherapist to uncover and deal with any unconscious barriers to successful dieting, as well as get themselves reprogrammed to be positive about managing their health. Hypnosis works powerfully, especially combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming to assist people to change their mindset - about food, about dieting, about themselves.

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