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Niyama Wellness Sanctuary
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Niyama Wellness Sanctuary is owned and run by CEO Julie Mayor who holds an Advanced Certificate of Colon Hydrotherapy, is a certified Detoxification Specialist (Trained by Dr Robert Morse in USA), Iridologist, Holistic Counselor, Meditation Teacher and Master NLP Practitioner and Certified Health Coach. 

Julie is a very experienced colon hydrotherapist has seen hundreds of clients for colon hydrotherapy in her clinic, from teens to the elderly, both male and female. She is passionate about gut-health and how it relates to the overall health of the body. 

Our Wonderful Office Staff

Caszie - is our office manager who oversees the day to day running of the business. Caszie also runs our extremely popular and busy online store, to assist clients and customers worldwide with their detoxification protocols and orders.

Ellen - is our wonderful new receptionist and its likely its her happy and welcoming voice you will hear on the other end of the phone. 

Georgia and Danielle - these girls are either on reception or running around the rooms Sanctuary ensuring that it is perfect for your treatments on arrival.

Winner - is the newest addition to our team. She is busy daily, processing all of our online store order orders to ensure they all get out into the post as soon as possible.

Our therapists

Kim - a wonderful colon hydrotherapist who's passion in what she does is obvious to everyone who meets her. Kim has also trained in a range of other natural therapies.

Amy-Lee - Amy-Lee has a teaching background, and is a very skilled and professional colon hydrotherapist. Amy is also studying nurtition so is wonderful to speak to during your treatments regarding your nutrition requirements.

Sandy - Sandy is our registered nurse and is also a Personal Trainer and is extremely passionate about all things natural, gut health and fitness.

Katie - Katie came to us with a well established career outside of natural therapies, due to overcoming her own issues with colon hydrotherapy. She is now a very well respected therapist who is loved by all her clients.

There are so many reasons why a person's gut may not be functioning optimally and all of our therapists work with each individual client to assist them to form an understanding of why they may be having issues, as well as providing the client dietary advice to assist with their particular condition for the best outcomes. Herbal products may also be recommended to meet the needs of the individual client. 

Your overall health is our overall mission. Your comfort is our promise. 

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